Sky Force offers a wide range of benefits to its partners

At Sky force, we re-define the recruitment industry. When you join us, you become a partner and get access to much more that just a job. See the full list of benefits we have to offer you below. 

Health Benefits

We offer health benefits to full-time as well as part-timers. Join us today and we have you covered. 

Earn more with referrals

With Sky Force, you can give a boost to your income by referring your friends to us. You will benefit each time your friend works with us. 

Other Savings

Sky Force will provide you many other savings from our partners. These include discounts on travel, immigration advice and much more.


We make work accessible to you. We provide you with transportation to and from work within GTA. 

Gas Savings

Now save up to 2 cents on gas when you join Sky Force. The saving is easy and convenient.  

Upgrade Your Skills

Sky Force offers a wide range of online courses you can use to get certified. We are always adding new stuff to make sure our team is up to date. 

Company phone provided

In order to make sure we are always connected to our team, we provide a company phone to our employees.

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